Hide Photography

A beautiful juvenile northern goshawk perched on an old tree stump in the forest taken during a hide photography session in the Netherlands

A day in a forest hide

Hide photography...03:15 AM wakey wakey; a start of a new day

Swiftly I make my coffee and sandwiches for the day, put all gear in the car for an hours drive. Today I will help a few photographer with the set-up and lingo of hide photography.The ultimate goal is to see the juvenile northern goshawk. 

The ultimate goal is to see the juvenile goshawks and photograph them if possible.


It's 5:15, at first light we walk into the dark forest towards the hide. On arrival we start building the perches, cleaning the reflection pond and set-up our gear.

What did I bring:

  • Nikon D5, D810
  • Nikon 600, 300mm
  • teleconverters 1.4 &2.0 type III's
  • Tripod and UniqBall ball head

Right off the bat I set-up the D5/600 combi, that works great under low light conditions, superb AF system and is fast.

Finally, it's all good and ready, little after 6 AM...coffee time 🙂

Bang 6:20 first Northern Goshawk on the perch an adult male, quickly followed by a juvenile male..... (mission accomplished!)

As the day progressed another juvenile northern hawk landed, this time it's a biggy the female. She is going to be a beauty of a raptor, pffff awesome bird.


Just before we wanted to leave the hide, there was panic amongst the little birds normally indicating that a raptor is near.It didn't take long before the last juvenile of the nest showed itself. Another fine looking young male.

It didn't take long before the last juvenile of the nest showed itself. Another fine looking young male northern goshawk.

So after more twelve hours tucked away in a small private hide, we had seen and photographed 4 individual Northern Goshawks. Next, to 13 other species of birds (this count was low due to a rainy start of the day and presence of raptors)I just love the adrenaline rush when these

I just love the adrenaline rush when these raptors silently appear in front of the hide and the forest goes quiet for a moment.   

Every day a new day, tucked away deep in the forest. 

Any comments, suggestions, and ideas are always welcome just contact me.

Cheers, Michael

Mister unhappy meets mister happy; you gotta love IT

Why, why, why did I leave on automatic updates?…..I do photograph in manual mode and RAW.

So Yes; I did found out that my website CRASHED just before I wanted to call it a night. No worries kick-start the back-up “BOB’s your uncle” it should be smouth sailing again within minutes; I guess not…back-up corruted (dont ask mister unhappy, why?)

So fresh and fruity; a few cups of coffee I started a complete rebuild “work in progress”, its up and running after a couple of hours (build the framework) now the content needs to be entered to enlighten the visitors?

Mister happy looks at his work…not all that bad; why didn’t I ever uploaded that photo?

Next week I will update the content and post the 98% marker, because it will always be work in progress?

Any comments, suggestions and idea’s are always welcome.

Cheers Michael

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