Mister unhappy meets mister happy; you gotta love IT

Why, why, why did I leave on automatic updates?…..I do photograph in manual mode and RAW.

So Yes; I did found out that my website CRASHED just before I wanted to call it a night. No worries kick-start the back-up “BOB’s your uncle” it should be smouth sailing again within minutes; I guess not…back-up corruted (dont ask mister unhappy, why?)

So fresh and fruity; a few cups of coffee I started a complete rebuild “work in progress”, its up and running after a couple of hours (build the framework) now the content needs to be entered to enlighten the visitors?

Mister happy looks at his work…not all that bad; why didn’t I ever uploaded that photo?

Next week I will update the content and post the 98% marker, because it will always be work in progress?

Any comments, suggestions and idea’s are always welcome.

Cheers Michael

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